Timothy Prendergast ~ Painter & Photographer  


Born: 1949, Amsterdam, New York 

Currently resides in Scotia, New York with his wife Paula 

Graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology School of Graphic Arts and Photography 

Website: timprendstudio.com 

Email: timprendstudio@gmail.com 

Artist Statement 

Art has always been with me. It’s a fact that I have come to understand about myself and my life up to this point. In a moment of reflection, I asked myself what I believed was the single, most significant influence that set me on my journey. For me it was always the light. In my younger years I vividly remember how often I would be captivated by the way the landscape would shimmer from the way the light fell over the land or spilled through a window and filled a room with a vermillion glow. Light is life. Everything comes out of light. The mother force of the universe so beautiful in quality, perfection and function. I find myself unable to look away. The camera and photography  have become the outlet for sharing what I was seeing.

My entry into painting evolved from my experiences as a commercial photographer in Pittsburgh, PA. It was there that I met the most remarkably creative and inspiring people including art directors, artists, designers, advertising agencies and creative support groups. I will always be grateful for the opportunities they gave me and for what I learned from that experience. I became inspired and experimented with other mediums of creative expression which led me to painting and drawing and I have ever since been in pursuit of improving my skills. I will always be a student in that regard.  

In both my painting and photography, I strive to observe and react to what I see in the world that surrounds me, in the moment as it presents itself with a bias toward creating an authentic perspective that reflects and expresses the boundless beauty of life and our surroundings. I am strongly influenced by the artists of the American Painting Genre with interest in contemporary painters working in that tradition as well as with all of the great masters throughout art history.  

My photography is most notably influenced by photographers Vivian MaierHenri Cartier- BressonIrving Penn andAnnie Leibovitz.  


I work mostly in oils with painting. 

I carry a camera with me at most times. Many of the images I take are captured with the intent of being reference images for a painting or sketch but upon editing I find many images worthy of being a complete artistic statement in and without need for any further consideration beyond the photograph itself.  


I have exhibited widely locally with my work currently being available for view at the 333 Café in DelmarN.Y. and Kat’zCafé in Schenectady, NY..