About the Studio

Timothy Prendergast ~ Painter & Photographer


Born: 1949, Amsterdam, New York

Currently resides in Scotia, New York with his wife Paula

Graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology School of Graphic Arts and Photography

Website: timpstudio.com

Email: timprendstudio@gmail.com

Artist Statement

Art has always been with me. It’s a fact that I have come to understand about myself and my life up to this point. Reflecting back and pondering where the point when art made it’s entry into my life, I asked myself what I believed was the single, most significant influence that set me on my journey. For me it was always the light. In my younger years I vividly remember how often I would be captivated by some special moment like the way the landscape would shimmer from the light that skipped over the land or spilled through a window and filled a room with a vermillion glow. Light is life. Everything comes out of light. The mother force of the universe so beautiful in quality, perfection and function. I find myself unable to look away.


Photography was the natural way to best record those special moments.  I discovered photography in my early years. I can tell you the exact moment when my passion for photography began. It was 1959 and I was ten years old. My friends received a Franklin black and white film and print processing kit as a Christmas gift. I was mesmerized from the first moment when they invited me down into their basement darkroom; a converted old coal bin with blankets, cardboard, waded christmas wrapping or whatever could be found, tacked over or stuffed  into any crack where the light may be seeping through. There, under the mysterious red glow of the safelight and the smells of the developer and fixer and the musty, earthy coal dust, I saw the wet,slippery roll of Kodak 620 film  slide from the developer spool.  I was captured forever by the magic.

My pursuit of the magic art lead me to photography school. I studied at the Rochester Institute of Photography in the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences where I received my B.S. degree from the School of Professional Photography.Through the following years the greater part of my early photography experience was working in my commercial studio in Pittsburgh,Pa. My artistic energies were primarily applied toward producing still images for use in print advertising, design and publication most often working from layouts and utilizing formal studio lighting and composition.


My pursuit of painting begins in more recent times and follows a long desire to expand my art skills. So I set sail on a new frontier. As I transitioned into painting I relied on my knowledge and experiences as a photographer especially when it came to color theory, composition and light.  Learning the skills and artistic requirements of painting was a steep hill to climb. I will always consider myself a student of painting and of photography for that matter.

For me the fundamental difference between photography and painting is the immediacy of the process of photography as compared to painting.  Photography is immediate and in the moment whereas painting happens over a period of time and deliberation yet they share the same essential value of purpose to capture a moment in time.In both my painting and photography, I strive to observe and react to the world that surrounds me and I am influenced greatly by the region where I reside. My paintings  are mainly representative and I select my subject matter with an intentional bias toward creating an authentic perspective that reflects and expresses the boundless beauty of life and our surroundings. I am strongly influenced by the artists of the American Painting Genre with interest in contemporary painters working in that tradition. My work is My photography is most notably influenced by photographers Vivian Maier, Henri Cartier- Bresson, Irving Penn and Annie Leibovitz and all of the great artists that follow that follow the light.

I work mostly in oils with painting.

I carry a camera with me at most times. Many of the images I take are captured with the intent of being reference images for a painting or sketch but upon editing I find many images worthy of being a complete artistic statement in and without need for any further consideration beyond the photograph itself.


I have exhibited widely locally with my work currently being available for view at the 333 Café in DelmarN.Y. and Kat’z Café in Schenectady, NY..